associative processing

Two Dimensional Associative Processor (2D AP)

A radically new computing paradigm to further advance FPGA-based graph processing architectures and fundamentally address their limitations.

Hyper-AP: Enhancing Associative Processing Through A Full-Stack Optimization

3D-stacking memory technology such as High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM) and Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) provides orders of magnitude more bandwidth and significantly increased channel-level parallelism (CLP) due to the new parallel memory architecture. …

Our paper got accepted at ISCA'20

Our paper on a new associative processor with full-stack optimization got accepted at ISCA. Congrats to Yue!

An Alternative Analytical Approach to Associative Processing (Best of CAL)

Associative Processing (AP) is a promising alternative to the Von Neumann model as it addresses the memory wall problem through its inherent in-memory computations. However, because of the countless design parameter choices, comparisons between …