Virtualization in Cloud

Virtualization of FPGA clusters in multi-tenant cloud computing environment

When Application-Specific ISA Meets FPGAs: A Multi-LayerVirtualization Framework for Heterogeneous Cloud FPGAs

The paper is the first to propose a new virtualization mechanism that can natively support scale-out acceleration across **heterogeneous** cloud FPGAs and demonstrate its effectiveness on a custom FPGA cluster with heterogeneous FPGA resources. Cloud …

ViTAL: Virtualizing FPGAs in the Cloud

Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) have been integrated into the cloud infrastructure to enhance its computing performance by supporting on-demand acceleration. However, system support for FPGAs in the context of the cloud environment is still in …

Our paper got accepted at ASPLOS 2020

Our paper on FPGA virtualization got accepted at ASPLOS 2020. Congrats to Yue!