When Application-Specific ISA Meets FPGAs: A Multi-LayerVirtualization Framework for Heterogeneous Cloud FPGAs


The paper is the first to propose a new virtualization mechanism that can natively support scale-out acceleration across heterogeneous cloud FPGAs and demonstrate its effectiveness on a custom FPGA cluster with heterogeneous FPGA resources. Cloud FPGA virtualization mainly targets homogeneous FPGAs in the previous works. The key contribution of this work is to introduce a new system abstraction that can serve as an indirection layer to bridge high-level Application-specific (AS) ISA and low-level Hardware-specific (HS) abstraction. A set of custom tools is developed to implement the proposed virtualization mechanism with high mapping quality. Additional optimization technique and system support are also provided to maximally hide the inter-FPGA communication latency when exploiting scale-out acceleration using multiple heterogeneous FPGAs.

the 25th ACM International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems, ser. ASPLOS ‘21, March, 2021
Yue Zha
PhD Candidate

Has explored the full system for reconfigurable computing and processing-in-memory.