Our supercomputer ranked No. 1 in the world!

New ENIAD ranking (updated Jun 30, 2021)

We have just broken another world record with our ENIAD design. For this year’s Graph500, ENIAD is the top-ranking supercomputer on the latest GreenGraph500 list. We have broken our previous record that we made at UW-madison in 2019 and created a new world record at Penn!

Supercomputers are the fastest high-performance computer systems available at any given time, allowing the large government or research organizations to tackle grand challenges (e.g., drug discovery for COVID-19, global climate simulation) that would be impossible with regular computers. Graph500 is the de facto standard to measure and quantitatively rank the performance and energy efficiency of supercomputers worldwide for running large graphs using a performance metric called MTEPS/W which represents million traversed edges per second per watt. More specifically, Green Graph500 is a list of the most energy efficient supercomputers in the world ranked by their energy efficiency from running the provided graph analytics applications. ENIAD achieved 6028.85 MTEPS/W, which outperformed “Tianhe-3” (4724.30 MTEPS/W) - the latest supercomputer in China and IBM supercomputer “Minsky” (1165.71 MTEPS/W).

The Graph500 competition is one important showcase for ENIAD but its capability extends to AI-enriched data analytics in general (e.g., cognitive search).

More news can be found at Penn Engineering Today and TCFPGA News.

Jialiang Zhang
PhD Candidate

Expert in hardware acceleration of big data and machine learning applications using FPGA and emerging memory technologies