Recent progress in RRAM technology: From compact models to applications (INVITED)

Fully CMOS compatible 3D vertical RRAM with self-aligned self-selective cell enabling sub-5nm scaling

Demonstration of 3D vertical RRAM with ultra low-leakage, high-selectivity and self-compliance memory cells

(Acceptance Rate*: underline33%)

Optimization of programming current on endurance of phase change memory

Resistance drift in phase change memory (INVITED)

The impact of melting during reset operation on the reliability of phase change memory

Explore physical origins of resistance drift in phase change memory and its implication for drift-insensitive materials

(Acceptance Rate*: underline33%)

Post-silicon calibration of analog CMOS using phase-change memory cells

(Acceptance Rate: underline38%, 121 out of 314)

A non-volatile look-up table design using PCM (phase-change memory) cells

(Acceptance Rate: underline28%, 115 out of 409)

A Novel Reconfigurable Sensing Scheme for Variable Level Storage in Phase Change Memory