With Dr. Sean Eilert (Micron), Dr. Carolyn Duran (Intel), Dr. David Pellerin (Amazon), Dr. Steffen Hellmold (Twist Bioscience), Dr. …

Penn Engineering’s ENIAD sets new world record for energy-efficient supercomputing

Our ENIAD is ranked No. 1 on the latest GreenGraph500 list. Congrats to Jialiang!

We demostrated ENIAD - the first system for future AI-enriched Big Data serving at cloud scale. Congrats to Jialiang!

With Prof. Kevin Skadron (UVA), Prof. Jose Martinez (Cornell), Dr. Mike Coyle (Army Research Office), Prof. Rajeev Balasubramonian …

Our paper on virtualizing heterogeneous cloud FPGAs got accepted at ISCA 2021. Congrats to Yue!

Proud to be on the program committee for ISCA’21 industry track with Prof. David Patterson and Prof. Mark Hill.

Our paper on a multi-layer virtualization framework for cloud FPGAs got accepted at ASPLOS 2021. Congrats to Yue!

We have multiple PhD openings available.

Our paper on a new associative processor with full-stack optimization got accepted at ISCA. Congrats to Yue!